Beach Walk


Beach walk Levis 1
These photos were taken quite a while ago, shortly before our adventure to Thailand began. It was a lovely sunny day perfect for a beach walk. The beach is my favorite spot to relax and escape from the chaos in my mind. The wind blowing through my hair and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore makes me forget everything around me and gives me so much positive energy. Such a good feeling!

After a long stroll at the beach of Castricum we had lunch at one of the relaxing lounge beds of my favorite restaurant in this area. Bare foot, view of the sea and good food.. It was a great day!


Beach walk Levis 2 Beach walk Levis 3 Beach walk Levis 4 Beach walk Levis 5 Beach walk Levis 6 Beach walk Levis 7 Beach walk Levis 10

ZARA STUDIO knot shirt

LEVI’S 711 skinny jeans (also here)

CÉLINE trio bag

ADIDAS stan smith (also here)

RAY-BAN aviator sunglasses (also here)

TRIWA watch (also here & here)

SHASHI jewelry

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